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 to a podcast about bodies, sex, health, and history

* This podcast is not providing medical advice. Anyone with questions should seek advice from their medical provider.

This podcast is, however, providing historical advice.

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S3E4 - "Do I Have Undiagnosed Adult ADHD?"

April 2024

S3E2: Should I Curate Porn for My Teenager w/ Ellen Selkie, MDThis Is Probably A Really Weird Question
00:00 / 25:05

S3E3 - "Can I Trust My Psychiatrist?" with guest Katie Dalke, MD

March 2024

S3E3: "Can I Trust My Psychiatrist" with guest Katie Dalke, MDThis Is Probably A Really Weird Question
00:00 / 25:05

“This Is Probably a Really Weird Question..." is a new podcast co-created and co-hosted by Rebecca Davis, a historian, and Ronni Hayon, a family physician. Ronni and Rebecca met at sleep-away summer camp when they were 16 years old, and they have been having conversations about sex and justice ever since. This podcast is their attempt to share with a wide public the insights they gain from one another's respective areas of expertise.

Over the years, Ronni has listened as patients ask her questions they worry might be “really weird,” but are, instead, completely reasonable questions about their bodies and well-being. With empathy, humor, and research-backed information, each episode addresses and demystifies one of those questions. (“How do I know if I’m trans?” “Can I get pregnant if…?”) A nationally recognized leader in gender-affirming care, Ronni is the ideal person to model how to answer these questions. The hosts also expand their listeners’ understanding of the history surrounding these topics, with Rebecca sharing what she has learned as a specialist in the histories of gender, sexuality, and LGBTQ+ people in the United States.

Trans-affirming healthcare services have expanded in many parts of the country, but a growing number of state legislatures have passed cruel anti-trans and anti-gay laws. Combined with harsh setbacks to reproductive rights, Ronni and Rebecca recognize a growing need for LGBTQ+ affirming information about gender, bodies, and sexual health.

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