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"Are You Sexually Active?"

Episode one - June 2022

Episode 4 September 2022_EpisodePg.png

"Can I Get Pregnant If..."

Episode four - September 2022


"How Do Know If I'm Trans?"

Episode two - July 2022

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"Is the Turkey Baster Thing Real"

Episode five - October 2022

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"How Do I Know If I'm Trans?"
                     part 2

Episode three - August 2022

Episode Notes

Episode One:
"Are you 
sexually active?"

June 2022
Episode 1: "Are You Sexually Active?"This is Probably A Really Weird Question...
00:00 / 25:55

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Episode Two:
"How do I know
if I'm trans?"

July 2022
Episode 2 "How Do I Know If I'm Trans?"This Is Probably A Really Weird Question...
00:00 / 25:05

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Episode Three:
"How do I know
if I'm trans?"
Part 2

August 2022
Episode 3 "How Do I Know If I'm Trans?" Part 2This Is Probably A Really Weird Question
00:00 / 25:25

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Episode four:
"can i get
pregnant if..."

September 2022
Episode 4 "Can I Get Pregnant If..."This Is Probably A Really Weird Question
00:00 / 25:25

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Episode five:
"is the turkey baster
thing real ..."

October 2022
Episode 5: Is the Turkey Baster Thing Real...This Is Probably A Really Weird Question
00:00 / 25:25
Episode five:
"is the turkey baster
thing real ..."

October 2022

Health related links:

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