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Our Story

Rebecca Davis and Ronni Hayon met thirty years ago at a Reform Jewish summer camp in Indiana. Ridiculously, they paid good money to spend that summer living with a group of other 16-year-olds, all tasked with cleaning toilets, washing dishes and floors, and otherwise doing the camp’s grunt work. They became fast friends, two earnest nerds bonding over a shared fascination with sexuality, reproductive rights, and LGBTQIA+ equality. Those conversations continued in the decades since, as Ronni became a physician and Rebecca found a way to stay in college forever. Podcasts didn’t exist in 1992, but if they had, Ronni and “Becky” totally would have started one then.

Meet The Team


Dr. Nora Ellen Carleson


Associate Producer


Our thanks to:

Mik Finnegan, sound engineer

Mark Wurzelbacher, original music

The Phil Zwickler Charitable and Memorial Foundation Trust

The Department of History at the University of Delaware

& the Foundation for Delaware County

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